Evermore Ventures is an umbrella company that launches and partners with startup companies to help make them successful. We create both Ventures and Joint Ventures from concept to success through investment, technology, marketing, strategic planning, and execution. Please click below to visit our portolio of companies, as well as use their services.

Ventures Comanpies:


Evermore Ventures is the parent company of all the companies under the Evermore Portfolio.  Started in 2000, Evermore Ventures specializes in finding new ideas and bringing them to market. Evermore Ventures works with both in house ideas and the ideas of others to create successful companies.

Evermore Ventures uses all forms of people’s talent, and technologies to create success and sustained prosperity in our companies whether it be a venture or joint venture company!


Evermore Joint Ventures is constantly looking for ideas with a touch of genius that may lack the necessary funding or technology to implement. We are always particularly interested in ideas that are first to market ideas, that are solutions for large groups of people and demographics, previously unsolved or untouched.

We work with our Joint Venture partners to find the most intelligent path to market. We give our partners access to all our marketing resources, technology, and people. Click here to learn more…


Evermore Web specializes in balancing the world of tech and marketing to give your website a balanced perspective. Not only will your website have the latest technology, it will tell your story, sell your products and services, and be easy to use. Click here to learn more…

Evermore Hosting specializes in affordable, reliable hosting. Starting at just $7.95 per month, we offer daily off-site backup and a 99.9% up-time guarantee. This same plan gives you unlimited email addresses, databases, and sub domains for one low flat rate. Click here to learn more…


Evermore Studio Productions specializes in producing video interviews that help support your companies’ marketing efforts. Interviews are staged to look like a high quality CNN or Fox News infomercial style interviews including the ticker at the bottom talking about your product, service or company.

Evermore Studio Productions produces these videos in 720p HD format so they are high quality. These videos are extremely affordable as well, with a half hour produced video starting at just $200. Best of all, you don’t even have to leave your office, we produce these videos from where ever you are using Skype. Click here to learn more…


YourOwnPrivateStudio.com is perfect for people and businesses who want to  have their own studio to produce videos and do live presentations for under $1,000. We have done ALL the work and ALL the research to show you how to build a simple, yet powerful studio that includes professional lights, a teleprompter and green screen!

We offer all of our knowledge on how to produce the same videos we charge $200 per half hour for, including how to set up, what equipment you need, how to do CNN style interviews, live presentations and much more. If you want to have your own studio and do it yourself inexpensively, then YourOwnPrivateStudio.com is for you. Click here to find out more…


Evermore Success is currently a free teaching portal that shows small to medium sized business owners how to promote their business online. We not only teach many Internet marketing courses, but we offer many technical subjects as well.

At Evermore Success we believe in genuinely helping you, the business owner with the tools that you need to succeed. If we do find a tool that will facilitate success, we thoroughly review any product we recommend and in many cases use it ourselves. Click here to learn more…


Evermore Affiliate is the company that allows affiliates to resell Evermore products. Unlike other affiliate programs we use 10 year cookies so that no matter when a customer comes back to purchase a product you will get credit for it.

Evermore Affiliate also offers high percentage payouts on all Evermore products sold. We know that if our affiliates make money, we will also make money, and live by that principle. Click here to learn more…


Evermore Telesummits is the company responsible for producing telesummits such as You Awakening, and the Social Media Secret Summit. Evermore Telesummits helps you to find your voice, reach out to new customers, expand your message, build credibility, and transform your business through global reach.

We work with you every step of the way to brand and tailor your telesummit for your specific industry. Having worked with over 70 telesummits, Evermore Telesummits has the expirience to take your message to the next level. Click here to find out more…


Evermore Headquarters is the website where all the work takes place, and is tracked for all of Evermore Ventures. Evermore Headquarters is not a commercial website or business per se, but rather one of the support websites that help transform venture and joint venture companies into successes!

We believe that you must be strategically organized and that is why Evermore Headquarters is the perfect place to incubate ideas in into full companies with all the moving parts tracked so improvements can be constantly made.


Evermore Help is the main customer service portal website for all businesses run under the Evermore Ventures umbrella. We use this interface to track customer support issues and solve them in a timely manner. Our clients appreciate it because they know their problems are important and being tended to.

We give each customer their own unique login so that they can track their customer service issues and follow the process along to completion and satisfaction. The Evermore Help customer service portal gives us the ability to always treat and care for each customer like they are our only one.


Evermore Videos is the main video platform that serves and protects all videos for all of the Evermore Venture companies. Evermore Videos also uses Amazon S3 cloudfront to distribute videos based on geo location so that the video being served, is always streaming from the closest datacenter to the customer.

The technology Evermore Videos uses both the latest Flash and HTML 5 specifications so our videos work no matter what platform you are on. Finally Evermore Videos is both responsive and multicodec, so depending on what type of internet connection or device your on, the video will always work!

Joint Venture Companies


The Borrowed Wisdom World Summit is a 12-week interview series featuring self-help experts, world-renowned doctors, celebrities and more. We’ve spent years searching and have found the very best experts to help you get a life you love. And we’ve carefully curated their wisdom into a specially designed 12-week journey that’s easy and simple.

Listeners can expect to get the life, love, and body they want… right now, with help from the best experts around. The Summit will feature thought leaders and celebrities, from TV stars Patti Stanger from Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmaker and Carmindy from TLC’s What Not to Wear to personal growth leaders Debra Poneman, Marci Shimoff, John Gray (Men Are From Mars, anyone?), and Alison Armstrong. Click here to learn more…


Sandra Crowe, a leading thinker in the arenas of dealing with difficult people and situations has used her expertise in the government and corporate managerial world to extract practical application and meaningful solutions in the most challenging workplace and personal scenarios.

She facilitates processes that promote group cohesion and performance; identify and resolve conflict; enable focused decision-making; and, assist productive group briefings and discussions. Bottom Line: She redirects behavior toward more uplifting interactions between and for people. Click here to learn more…